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Whats up everyone !!! Im Charlie Alicea Ceo of The Daily Kronicles Social Fitness community. What I have created is a Social Fitness Community focused on those who are trying to reach there weight lose goals and maintaining your healthy lifestyle changes….So i have been working on this website for about 2 years now and finally feel like its ready to go live, at the same time that i have been working on The Daily Kronicles brand i have been working on myself, here’s a insight on how i came about and started my new healthy lifestyle change.

I started at a weight of 235lbs which was the biggest that i have ever been in my life and i had to do something about it. My back and knees was always killing me and felt like i was a old man but in actuality i was 29 years old at the time. So i set a goal for myself and said that by my 30th birthday i need to be healthy and in shape for myself and family, I have 2 kids and a wife. And at my heaviest i would have energy for anything just lazy and it was time for a change. Of course this was putting my marriage and kids happiness at risk.

So at this point i had tried diet pills and kept trying to find the easy ways to lose the weight but was unsuccessful ,until i found out about intermittent fasting . I researched it for about 2 weeks and finally gave it a shot. The first 2 week of this lifestyle change was horrible but i would say after the 20th day my eating habits had changed completely. I started with the 16-8 fasting plan which is 8 hours of the day that i can eat and 16 hours of fasting, for me it seemed like it could fit into my daily schedule. So at this point i was having my first meal at 11am and my last meal no later then 6:30pm.

Worked great my first 6 months i lost about 30 lbs with just fasting alone. Then i hit a Plato and was maintaining my weight of 205lbs for about a month. After further research i seen that you can increase your fasting up to 21 to 3 which seemed crazy at the time,so what i did now that my knees and back didn’t feel like it was on the verge of giving out lol. Now i felt like i was ready to hit the gym, i started to incorporated a 6 to 18 fasting schedule which mad my eating time between the hours of 1pm-7pm and a 1 hours workout 5 days a week for the next 6 months. And i lost 40 more lbs at this point i had went down to the lightest i have ever been in my adult life which is 165lbs, i felt great got my confidence back and was doing great at work and my personal life was back on track. Had the energy to play with my kids, go out and do whatever the day brought on, and most importantly had my drive back and the the wife was definitely happy about that lol.

At this point i started hitting the gym hard 7 days a week to tone up my body because after losing so much weight there was a lot of flat on my stomach and arms. That lasted about a month till i over did it and pulled my shoulder and i had to take about a 3 month break from the gym till i felt comfortable enough to start back at the gym. I kept on my fasting and maintained my weight of 165 lbs, but after taking a 3 month break it was hard to get motivated to get back into the gym until my wife said “lets go we going to do this together”. So we started doing our fasting and workouts together, and this gave me the idea to start the Daily Kronicles brand as a social fitness community a place where we all can inspire and motivate each other to reach our goals.

So i collaborated with a awesome marketer and personal developer Frann Bynes who helped me bring this idea to life, from the logo to the website and ultimately structuring the website and brand to what i wanted it to be. Which we came up with a social fitness community where you can have a safe zone to find out different effective ways to reach your new health lifestyle. If this is something that can be a useful tool to reach your weight lose goals and start your healthy lifestyle changes please join, create a profile and join our Daily Kronicles Community and lets Break The Limits!!!

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Whats up everyone !!! Im Charlie Alicea Ceo of The Daily Kronicles Social Fitness community. What I have created is a Social Fitness Community focused on those who are trying to reach there weight lose goals and making a lifestyle change to make it happen

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