Old Habits, New Routine, New You

There is still hope for tomorrow. How do I know this? I know this because you’re reading this blog post. It tells me that you’re interesting in changing your life, even if its just a little bit.

Look, Daily Kronicles is not here to sugar-coat you with candy sweet tips and hand holding advice to gain following or most importantly, to help you lose weight. Nah. If you want that, we suggest you find another site.

Seriously, Daily Kronicles is a community designed to help you achieve and succeed in healthy living. How are you going to win if #1, you’re not willing to put in the work and #2, you’re reading and listening to lies about weight loss. So, if you want real, you’ve come to the right place.

Alright, first things first. We might agree that it was the right decision for you to realize you have some bad habits and want to fix them. Cool. See, weight loss and healthy life begins with mindset, you know, your beliefs, your philosophies, or paradigms [set of habits] that dictate your actions. So, there’s no point in creating a meal plan if you’re not willing to commit to it. The point I’m making is the inability to commit may stem from your belief system on how you feel about food and health and etc.

It’s going to take baby steps..cute steps..slow, no rushing..lol

  • change your mind
  • implement a new routine
  • work it

20, you wanna start off right, subscribe to Daily Kronicles, start or join a group and collaborate with other people who share your desire for change!

I’m not going to leave you hanging…lol. We’ll be sharing personal development resources on the site. Subscribe so you wont miss out!!

Daily Kronicles is an online community and member site for people seeking to experience life changes like eating healthy and exercising to ultimately lose weight. We offer the resources to help you get results and maintain them. We believe working together to achieve these goals as a group will yield long lasting results.

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Whats up everyone !!! Im Charlie Alicea Ceo of The Daily Kronicles Social Fitness community. What I have created is a Social Fitness Community focused on those who are trying to reach there weight lose goals and making a lifestyle change to make it happen

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